British TikToker Reveals 3 Gross-Looking American Foods That Are Surprisingly Delicious

British Tiktoker Reveals 3 Gross-Looking American Foods That Are Surprisingly Delicious

In a recent video on TikTok, British influencer Joshua Cauldwell shared his surprising take on American food. Cauldwell first mentioned the unappealing appearance of fairground-favorite corndogs, but emphasized that dipping them in mustard or ketchup transforms them into a delightful treat. He then discussed his initial impression of gumbo, believing it looked like it came straight from the trash can but admitting that its taste is heavenly. Finally, Cauldwell declared biscuits and gravy to be the most nauseating American food, but also the best, despite its vomit-like appearance. The article also mentions Cauldwell's road trip across the United States, where he tried these foods for the first time. Additionally, he praised beans on toast as a beloved British dish, explaining its preparation and claiming that Brits can learn from Americans when it comes to seasoning.

Who is Joshua Cauldwell?

About the British TikToker

Joshua Cauldwell, also known as @imjoshfromengland2 on TikTok, is a British influencer who has gained a following for his entertaining and informative videos about food. With his charismatic personality and friendly demeanor, Cauldwell has captivated audiences around the world, showcasing his unique perspective on various cuisines and culinary experiences.

His popularity on TikTok

Cauldwell's TikTok account has gained significant traction, attracting a large and engaged audience. His videos, which range from taste tests and recipe creations to food challenges and cultural explorations, have garnered of views and thousands of comments. Cauldwell's authentic and relatable content has allowed him to connect with people from different backgrounds and foster a sense of community on the platform.

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His journey across America

One of Cauldwell's notable adventures was his road trip across America. He embarked on a month-long journey, starting in Arizona and making his way to New York City, while stopping at various states along the way. This trip served as an opportunity for Cauldwell to immerse himself in American culture and try iconic dishes that were previously unfamiliar to him.

Fairground Special: Corndogs

Initial reaction towards corndogs

When Cauldwell first encountered corndogs, he admitted that they did not look appetizing to him. The combination of a hot dog encased in cornmeal batter and deep-fried did not appear particularly appealing. However, Cauldwell's open-mindedness and willingness to try new things led him to give corndogs a chance.

Change of opinion after tasting

To Cauldwell's surprise, his perception drastically changed after taking his first bite of a corndog. He vividly described the experience as “absolutely wonderful.” He recognized the magical transformation that occurred when he dipped the corndog in some mustard or ketchup, as the flavors harmoniously complemented each other.

Serving suggestions by Cauldwell

In his videos, Cauldwell often shares his creative serving suggestions to enhance the corndog experience. From experimenting with unique condiments and toppings to incorporating them into other dishes, Cauldwell encourages his audience to have fun and explore different ways to enjoy this fairground favorite.

Louisiana’s Pride: Gumbo

First impression of gumbo

When Cauldwell first laid eyes on the Creole stew known as gumbo, he was taken aback by its appearance. He humorously compared it to something that had been “scooped out of the bin” or a trash can. Nevertheless, Cauldwell's willingness to step out of his comfort zone pushed him to give gumbo a chance.

Change in perception after tasting

To Cauldwell's delight, he discovered that gumbo was far from the unappetizing dish he initially perceived it to be. Instead, he found it to be a truly divine and flavorful culinary creation, appreciating the rich combination of shellfish, meat, and other ingredients that make up this iconic Louisiana dish.

Appreciation for the rich flavors

Cauldwell expressed his admiration for the complexities of flavors present in gumbo. He highlighted the skill and craftsmanship required to achieve the perfect balance of spices, herbs, and aromatics that contribute to the dish's unique taste. Cauldwell's experience with gumbo has deepened his appreciation for diverse cuisines and the culinary traditions of different regions.

Southern Special: Biscuits and Gravy

Disgust towards looks of biscuits and gravy

Cauldwell did not hold back when expressing his initial disgust towards the appearance of biscuits and gravy. He humorously described it as looking like vomit, causing many of his viewers to laugh along with him.

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Surprise at its taste

Despite his reservations, Cauldwell bravely took a bite of biscuits and gravy, which turned out to be a life-changing moment for him. The flavors and textures amalgamated into a symphony of deliciousness that he did not anticipate.

Cauldwell’s high praises for the traditional dish

Following his tasting, Cauldwell could not contain his excitement as he enthusiastically proclaimed, “This is the best American food!” His newfound love for biscuits and gravy ignited his curiosity to explore more traditional dishes and delve deeper into the culinary wonders America has to offer.

Rising Popularity of Biscuits and Gravy

Tastewise’s 2023 analytic report

According to Tastewise's 2023 analytic report, there has been a significant increase in social conversations surrounding biscuits and gravy. The report noted a 9.64 percent rise in discussions about this iconic dish over the past year, indicating a growing interest and appreciation among food enthusiasts.

Increase in social conversations regarding the dish

Cauldwell's own positive experience with biscuits and gravy resonated with many of his followers, leading to an influx of conversations and online interactions surrounding the dish. This surge in interest can be attributed to the power of social media and the ability to share culinary experiences and recommendations with others.

Possible reasons for its rising popularity

The rising popularity of biscuits and gravy can be attributed to several factors. First, the influence of social media platforms like TikTok has allowed individuals like Cauldwell to introduce lesser-known dishes to a wider audience, resulting in increased curiosity and culinary exploration. Additionally, the accessibility of and cooking tutorials online has made it easier for people to recreate iconic dishes such as biscuits and gravy in their own homes.

Cauldwell’s First Experiences with American Foods

His road trip across the states

Cauldwell's road trip across America served as a transformative journey, allowing him to broaden his horizons and explore the diverse culinary landscape of the country. By embarking on this adventure, Cauldwell was able to experience American cuisine firsthand and share his discoveries with his audience.

States visited

During his road trip, Cauldwell visited a variety of states, including but not limited to Arizona, where his journey began, and New York City, where he concluded his trip. The specific states he explored provided him with a deeper understanding of the regional differences in American cuisine and allowed him to encounter new and exciting dishes.

Experience with generic American snacks

While Cauldwell had previously tried generic American snacks, his road trip marked the first time he indulged in authentic American dishes. The generic snacks he had experienced did not capture the true essence and diversity of American cuisine, making his journey across the states all the more enlightening and memorable.

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Lack of American Dishes in the U.K.

Unavailability of dishes like gumbo or biscuits and gravy

Cauldwell highlighted the unfortunate truth that dishes like gumbo or biscuits and gravy are not widely available in the United Kingdom. The cultural differences between the U.K. and America have resulted in variations in food preferences and the availability of specific dishes.

Differences in food culture across the two countries

The discrepancy in food culture between the U.K. and America is evident, as each country has its own unique culinary traditions and beloved dishes. While there is a growing interest in international cuisine in the U.K., certain American dishes may take time to garner attention and become more readily available.

Cauldwell’s Favorite British Dish: Beans on Toast

Cauldwell’s description of the dish

Cauldwell expressed his love for a classic British dish called beans on toast. With his characteristic enthusiasm, he described the simple yet satisfying process of preparing this beloved dish. Cauldwell's description showcased his genuine appreciation for the flavors and nostalgia evoked by beans on toast.

Appreciation for the simplicity of the recipe

What Cauldwell particularly appreciated about beans on toast was its simplicity. This minimalist dish requires just a few key ingredients, making it accessible and easy to prepare for individuals of all cooking skill levels. Cauldwell's fondness for this dish exemplifies the beauty of uncomplicated that evoke a sense of comfort and home.

Common misconceptions by Americans

Cauldwell acknowledged that Americans may find it challenging to grasp the appeal of beans on toast. This classic British dish is a quintessential comfort food that may not align with the American breakfast traditions, which often include more elaborate dishes like pancakes or eggs. Nevertheless, Cauldwell encourages his American audience to embrace the simplicity and unique flavors of beans on toast.

Opinions on Adding Breakfast Meat to Beans on Toast

Rejects the idea of adding bacon or other breakfast meat

As an advocate for simplicity, Cauldwell firmly rejects the idea of adding bacon or any other breakfast meat to beans on toast. He believes that sometimes, less is more, and appreciating the dish in its purest form allows for a truly satisfying experience.

Preference for less complicated recipes

Cauldwell's preference for less complicated recipes reflects his desire to highlight the simplicity and authenticity of traditional dishes. By resisting the temptation to add additional ingredients, Cauldwell demonstrates his respect for the integrity of each dish and the flavors it naturally possesses.

British vs American Seasoning

Cauldwell’s realization about British seasoning

During his journey across America, Cauldwell had an epiphany regarding British seasoning techniques. He humorously admitted that Brits, including himself, often fall short when it comes to seasoning their food. This realization allowed Cauldwell to develop a newfound appreciation for the depth of flavors achieved through American seasoning practices.

Appreciation for American seasoning techniques

Cauldwell's experiences with American cuisine showcased the artful use of various spices, herbs, and seasonings. He marveled at the ability of American chefs and home cooks to elevate dishes through the careful application of different flavor profiles. Cauldwell's newfound appreciation for American seasoning techniques serves as a testament to the creativity and culinary expertise present in American cuisine.

In conclusion, Joshua Cauldwell, the British TikToker, has embraced the opportunity to explore American foods and share his unique perspective with his audience. Through his journey across America, Cauldwell discovered unexpected delights in seemingly unappetizing dishes like corndogs, gumbo, and biscuits and gravy. His enthusiastic and friendly approach has garnered him a devoted following, and his insights have shed light on the cultural differences in food preferences between the U.K. and the United States. Cauldwell's passion for both British and American cuisine serves as a reminder that food can transcend borders and bring people together, fostering a greater appreciation for the diverse culinary experiences that the world has to offer.


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